— Anonymous: i suck your clit into my mouth, swirling my tongue around your exposed nub. i hold your hips down while looking up into your eyes. -niall .xx

[i hold your eyes before my head falls back and a loud moan escapes my lips]

— Anonymous: i breathe heavily, catching my breath before flipping is over so i can hover over you. "we're not done yet, you didnt come s second time" i slide down your body and attach my mouth to your clit. -niall .xx (sorry baby girl, i sent that message hours ago and i guess you didnt get it :/ i thought you were at work or something and couldnt reply so i waited)

oh fuck. [i moan and attach my hands into your hair]

(awh ): I’m sorry that I didn’t get the message. )

— Anonymous: i pull your body down towards mine, sucking hard on your neck when my high rips through me and my body starts shaking beneath yours. -niall .xx

good boy. [i moan as I ride out your high, pulling you out of me and kissing you everywhere]

(where did you go, I missed you a lot. ): )

— Anonymous: hey babe! just wanted to stop by to say i love you and you are amazing <3

you’re more amazing and i love you more.


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This guy is me in every situation




i hope when i die this is the last thing i see

Pasadena, CA. September 12, 2014





I want to see a reality tv show where straight dudes have to read the shitty messages they send to women to their mothers.

i would die laughing



Fire&Ice - Chapter Twelve.


The Narry Whores

Niall's Crazy Mofos

The ExtraordinHarries

The Cool Cats

The Dirty Birdies

The Gaining Group Aye